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The Christmas Store is designed to help parents provide gifts for their children on Christmas Day who otherwise could not afford to do so. Our planning team works with the Chesterfield School Social Worker office to reach the families that need help. 




DEADLINE: November 29, 2020

LOCATION: Lyndale Baptist Church (Choir Room)

All gifts will need to be delivered to Lyndale Baptist Church (Choir Room) no later than Sunday, November 29th, 2020. Renee Allen will deliver contributions to IronBridge Church, this year's host for the Christmas Store.


NOTE: Clothing, household items, etc., will NOT be collected this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Each family will pay $3.00 per child for the gifts (one toy & one outfit per child) they receive, however, if the family cannot afford to pay, the parents will still receive their child’s gifts. This money offers them an opportunity to feel they contributed to the gifts and also helps offset some of the expenses that occur with setting up the Christmas Store. Members of the churches not only supply the new items but they also volunteer to do the work of setting up, helping the parents once they arrive, and making sure every family who is in need of what this ministry has to offer is also provided a new Bible.


No presents should to be wrapped. Please put in bags marked with:

  • Assigned Family #

  • Age of Child

  • Boy or Girl Gift