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Community Missions: How You Can Help

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Continuing to “do something" in the new year for the community! As we enter a new year, we must reflect on our short comings and "could've done betters" in the past year and focus on our goals for the new year!  Our tree lot was a success and we offer thanks to all those who helped make it so. You prayed and gave of your time to help set up the lot and worked it faithfully. You greeted and embraced our community as only Lyndale can do. Whatever you did for this ministry; you did "something" well - thank you! This is where I'm supposed to say "We can't do everything; we must pick and choose so you've done your part for now". Nope. Not happening! It's a new year and we've just begun! There are exciting mission opportunities awaiting you!  If you're not a "hands on" person, there's something for you to help with. If you are a "hands on" person, join us as we help and minister to our community on a daily basis. We need and appreciate you regardless of where your talents lie!  Set a goal for the new year. Perhaps it could be a can of food a week/month or a pair of donated socks for the homeless. Maybe it's physically volunteering your time.  Sometimes, we feel we have little to offer but please reflect on the quote by Max Lucado, "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something." In the coming year, be the "everyone doing something" no matter how small! Small acts done cumulatively are HUGE!  Below you will find a detailed list of mission opportunities - when they occur, what is needed and how you can get involved. Be sure to check the “Missions & Ministries” section of our monthly newsletter for the dates and times of our mission opportunities each month! Thank you, again, for your faithfulness to Missions and our community! - Jo Ball, Missions Committee


BLESSING BOX Daily Ministry * VOLUNTEER to shelve pantry items and stock the community box (needed daily). * DONATE non-perishable food items or monetary donations. * PRAY for this ministry.

PENNIES FOR HEAVEN  Monthly Ministry (2nd Saturdays) * VOLUNTEER to disperse hygiene packets on 2nd Saturdays.  * DONATE hygiene items for our homeless friends and/or monetary donations.  * PRAY for this ministry.

COMMUNITY DINNER Monthly Ministry (2nd Fridays) *  VOLUNTEER to help prepare and serve a meal for our community as we fellowship. * PRAY for this ministry.

CHANGING LIVES - ONE SANDWICH AT A TIME  1st Weekend Every Other Month (January, March, May, July, September & November)
* VOLUNTEER to make and pack lunches on Friday night at 6:00 PM. 
* VOLUNTEER to load lunches and deliver to local shelters on Saturday at 9:00 AM. * DONATE: 
  • Salty snacks (Nabs, small bags of chips)

  • Small sweet snacks (cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, etc. - no chocolate please)

  • Fruit cups (or fresh fruit delivered just prior to event)

  • Zippered sandwich bags

  • Large brown paper bags

  • 2-liter sodas

  • Monetary donations

* PRAY for this ministry.

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